Madam Tsunami is an anagram of front man Adam Usmani ’s name.  Born to father, Arif Usmani (a key player in the NZ Music scene, co-founding the radio station BFM and managing the renowned children’s performance group The Aunties) and mother Lynn Usmani, ‘Madam Salami’ of The Aunties.

Madam Tsunami is an Auckland alternative rock outfit reviving elements of 90’s grunge rock, albeit without heavy distortion.

The band consists of Usmani, Ross Larsen on bass, drummer and backing vocalist, Jonathan Wilson and violinist Coralie Usmani.

Madam Tsunami's debut album Man In The Middle was recorded late 2013 at York Street Studios and produced with assistance of New Zealand musician Don McGlashan (The Mutton Birds). Written by Usmani, this debut is an atypical rock album heavily influenced by Adam’s working class background, a voice seldom represented in modern music today.

Unplugged and acoustic with grunge influences, the 11-track album is an energetic entrance for the new band. Usmani is no stranger to the Auckland music scene having previously hosted Alt TV’s Top of the Rocks and performed in the jazz/blues band The Usmani Collective.

Madam Tsunami has only been rehearsing together for a year, yet the songs are a collection of Usmani’s ideas spanning well over a decade. Inspired by the reality of being a full-time tradesman and father of two, Usmani touches on themes relatable to many including blue-collar struggles, love, life and the desire for more equality.